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Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Get Ready for Taupo" on SKY TV

Tune into SKY Sport in October to catch "Get ready for Taupo". Aimed at first time riders the programme will feature Mark Richardson of "The Crowd goes Wild" as he trains for a 40km leg of the relay. It's the brainchild of popular media commentator and TV producer Jon Bridges, an accomplished cyclist who has ridden both the Cycle Challenge Classic Race and the Solo. Bridges says the aim of the programme is to show the novice rider how easily they can accomplish a 40km ride, and with a little bit of knowledge and preparation, get the maximum enjoyment from participating.

The show will give helpful tips on bike selection, training and nutrition and feature Olympian Bevan Docherty and last year's Classic Race winner Gordon McCauley giving Mark tips on motivation and maximizing his performance. It also covers what riders can expect if participating in the 160km Solo ride, and gives advice on bunch riding.

Cycle Challenge Event Director Keith Crate says the programme is perfectly timed as it shows that beginner riders can prepare easily for a relay leg in a just a couple of months, and for those riding regularly, little or no special preparation is needed. The programme will also emphasize that the ride is stress free as all riders and their bikes are transported to and from the relay changeover points.

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