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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Armstrong returns!!!

News in the cycling world: Armstrong is to return! Exciting? Motivating? Indifferent?

What's your take on it? News articles are attached to the blog website. Lets put this blogg to use, I want your feedback.

I think this is pretty exciting, if he does go for the 8th Tour win, it will definitely make the Tour interesting next year. As much as everyone thinks he is on drugs, I would like to think, like Michael Phelps, there are freakish athletes out there that can achieve the unthinkable and on their own accord!


Paul Tudor said...

Well the sceptic in me wonders whether his body has finally flushed out all the bad chemicals that were floating around in there.

Actually the sport needed this.

What it now needs is for Julian Dean to win a stage on the Tour of Britain.

Here's hoping!

Kyle said...

My thoughts are that he is a superb rider and I respect him as a athlete but just can't stomach him when he pretends to be cean and pure.

If they were all clean then I'd say he would still be one of the best so there is no denying he is a still great athlete.