Can I do the 110km to 130km leg please?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Any ICE members out there???

This little gem appeared in my Inbox on Monday:

"TAUPO BIKE CHALLENGE 29 November 2008

"Would you be keen to be tagged with ICE at this years Taupo Bike Challenge?

"The ICE committee are out to prove that engineers can ride bikes as well as design them and are putting several teams into this years challenge. If you have been entertaining the idea but not quite cast it in stone, now is a great time. We have members wanting to do 40kms - a quarter of the race and therefore will be putting relay teams in accordingly. Tim Warren is leading the charge with relay Team#1. Of course if you want to do the whole race (160kms) solo, we would be delighted to tag you with an ICE logo."

Well... Perhaps we can challenge the NZ ICE members to match our efforts?

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