Can I do the 110km to 130km leg please?

Thursday, July 31, 2008

T&T Wellington

Right then, T&T Wellington are all go for the challenge! We've got three people doing the full 160km, and two teams of 4 doing the relay. We're taking a relaxed attitude at the moment, since we've still got ages to go and its been raining heaps, and there are lots of interesting organising things to keep us distracted for now. I'll work on getting some photos sorted.

Comment on the Tour:
Don't dis Julian! He did an awesome job and had a brilliant Tour, if you ask me! He managed 4th on one stage, was 6th on the final stage into Paris, and was the 9th best sprinter by the end of the Tour. That's fantastic! Bring on the Olympics.

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Paul Tudor said...


We love Julian up here in Orkland. Not many people know this, but until early 2007 he was a regular (if not anonymous) user of our exercycles at the Olympic Gymn, just down the road from the office.

Imagine that - we get to experience chafing from the same saddles that Julian rode!

All the best